Laser, IPL, Radio Frequency (RF) Treatments

With the FDA approved Viora V-20 laser RF machine, patients will receive the most updated and highest technology in laser treatments that is more advanced and non-invasive. The Veora’s advanced non-invasive devices include Laser, IPL, and Radio Frequency treatments listed below. 


Fractional RF treatments allow for safer more comfortable treatments that are non-invasive with little to no downtime. Treatments include:


Powerful non-invasive skin treatment that improves skin problems caused from aging. Treatments include:


Get high standard results with innovated pulse configure rhythm (PCR) intense pulse light treatments offering instant, comfortable, and high standard results. Treatments include:


V-Form Is a leading smart technology delivering powerful, customizable cellulite reduction treatment without downtime. The treatments provide smoother, firmer skin, and curves that take just minutes to complete. Treatments include:

V-VR (New)

Vaginal Rejuvenation V-VR treatment is the only non-invasive devise that combines the use of two advanced technologies (C-Polar and CORE) to precisely deliver radiofrequency energy gently and safely heating the vaginal tissue to address a wide range of women’s vaginal health concerns. The procedure is pain free. Recommended 3 treatments with a 4 week interval for best results. A negative Pap smear must be completed within one year prior to treatment. Treatments include:
Consent prior to all treatment is required. There is various pricing for each type of treatment. Discounted prices are available with packages.


V-IPL Hair Removal Treatment


Skin Rejuvenation


Vascular Lesions

Acne Clearance

V-ST (skin tightening)

V-FR Skin Correction & Perfection

V- Form (cellulite reduction/body contour/skin tightening)

V-VR (Vaginal Rejuvenation)


Package Pricing

Membership Program

$140 per month includes: